Looks fishy to me, angling world does RSS

You may be forgiven for thinking that the web is no place for a serious angler. You would be wrong, oh so wrong. Anything to do with nets and the fishing community is hooked, line and sinkered. Fish feeds are even springing up with rapid regularity to tug the bait of any amorous angler. So where do you go if you want to flirt with fishing on the web?

The informative Fishing Fan will bring you a veritable banquet of all things fishy from the web world, and the RSS feed can be added to your increasingly eclectic selection of random WebTwitcher-recommended content. Angler's Net connects like minds, and provides an excellent forum for scaly discussions, be that of a fly, coarse, sea or, yes reader, even carp, nature. The coarse fishing forum is particularly active, so add the discussion feed to your MIX for a window on this niche fishing world.

If you know an angling addict, WebTwitcher has discovered a great gift idea - get a fishy caricature done! Have a look at Artful Angler if you want inspiration. In true WebTwitcher tradition, I did hunt the web for naked anglers, to match the revelations last week on the underground activities of the naked knitting world. Unfortunately my search produced little material, so one must assume that knitting is a far more inspirational topic area for nudity than fishing.

WebTwitcher wonders if perhaps it has something to do with all the dangerous hooks and lines flying around...


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