Looking good

The first look at the multiplayer section of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has been published by PSM3 (that’s Playstation 3 Magazine, for the slow) and by golly is it doesn’t sound just spiffing. Not only that, but we get a little sneaky peak at what the plot for the apparently massive single player campaign as well. So you know, buy it now – after reading our summary, of course.

The multiplayer apparently works like this. The game plonks eight players in a small area of one of the game’s cities (Rome and San Donato, in this case), and fills up the game space with civilians (apparently identical looking, though that would make it rather easy to spot the other players, if you ask us), and charges you with silently assassinating each other. Which sounds quite of cool.

For the single player, You once again take control of Desmond, and by proxy, Ezio, as he tries get the Pope’s son, Cesare Borgia, and hopefully rid Rome of those dastardly Templars forever. Yeah, sock it to ‘em, Ezio!

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