Looking Golden

There’s not a whole lot more that we can say to you about Goldeneye that we haven’t said already: despite being a cheesy-as-all-hell film, the licensed video game for the N64 became one of the very classics of the first-person-shooter genre. Never was one more satisfied than when taking the Golden Gun and blasting Oddjob into oblivion.

The updated, new Goldeneye game, which is coming out for the Wii on 1 November, has a brand new spiffy trailer to look at, and we have to say it does look rather impressive, even if the Wii’s power (or lack of it) means that it’s never going to be much more than slightly smoother looking and sounding. Fingers crossed this works well with the Wiimote, bercause if it does we could be very busy avoiding work come the winter.

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