Looking for cheap laptops with next day delivery?

Are you looking to pick up a cheap laptops next day delivery? If you are, then one UK site is offering some outstanding deals on laptops right now, and is offering free next day delivery on all orders made before 12pm. Let's check them out.

While you might just think of Tesco as a grocery store, they also sell a wide variety of electronics, with their laptop selection particularly impressive. A quick visit to their Tesco Direct site at direct.tesco.com, turns up an unbelievable level of choice on laptops.

If you're looking for suggestions on a particular bargain being offered by Tesco, then we recommend checking out the Dell Inspiron 1018. This little netbook is currently retailing for the low low price of £229.00 and is packed with amazing features. It is lightweight and compact, with a battery life of up to eight and a half hours. It has internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, meaning you will always be fully connected.

It comes with an Intel Atom N455 processor and a whopping 250 GB Hard Drive, perfect for storing lots of music or photos. The screen is a joy as the vibrant 10.1" WLED display provides brilliant clarity and detail. You get 1 GB of RAM on board, but this can be easily upgraded to 2 GB with little technical expertise.

As we previously mentioned, delivery is free, and you'll have it the next day if you order before 12pm, so if you're looking for a new laptop, then this model is perfect for your needs!

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