Looking for a cheap laptop?

Many electrical retail outlets offer brand new laptops at knock down prices. PC World for example have laptops starting at £289.99 for an Advent Quantuum Q100 with 2.2GHz of operating power, Windows 7 package, 1024Mb, a hard drive with 250Gb memory and 14 inch widescreen display. This is amazing value if you are looking for a fairly standard model on which your children can do their homework and surf the Internet.

PC World also offer refurbished laptops of all brands including Apple which can be an economically viable option if you need a new machine but funds are low. These start at £249.97 and are comparable to the model outlined above.

Tesco has also started to sell Dell laptops through their website and some chosen stores. The cheapest they are offering at present is the Dell Inspiron 1545 C900 in black for £379. They also offer payment options if you are unable to stump up the cash all at once.

If you are after a real bargain, you could try laptopsdirect.co.uk which have a high turnover of machines at rock bottom prices, starting from £199.99 for a laptop which is perfectly adequate for basic word processing, email, Internet and spreadsheets. Fantastic value we are sure you'll agree.

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