Look out, Kim Jong Il

Good old South Korea. The super-tech-savvy Asian nation has the world's fastest broadband, and its young men have a nasty habit of dropping dead after 40-hour gaming marathons.

Now, though, the former Olympic hosts are turning their love of tech to a more serious purpose: their increasingly tense relationship with their communist neighbour to the north. South Korea and North Korea have never formally made peace after their war in the 1950s, but a ceasefire agreement in 1952 created a 'demilitarised zone' between the two countries.

Now, with tensions between the two higher than in decades after North Korea allegedly sank a southern ship, the South has decided to take a decidedly sci-fi approach to the problem. The demilitarised zone is now being patrolled by two remote-controlled robot soldiers. The Samsung Techwin SGR-1s, as they're catchily known, are armed with both machine guns and grenade launchers.

Given the North Korean leaders' love of American pop culture, we're hoping they've nicknamed the robot pair 'Hawkeye' and 'Trapper'. [Ask your parents - Ed.]

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