Look out! It’s the Internet!

Do you use the same password for all your online logins? Yeah, us too. Maybe with a “1” on the end for the bank to foil the really hardcore criminals. However, a new Government campaign is attempting to raise awareness of good online security, and apparently such lax practices are just not good enough.

Get Safe Online gives advice on how to keep personal data safe on social media sites, how to choose a secure password (tip: not your username, not your dog’s name, not your kid’s name), and how to set up a wireless router to stop other people using it.

It’s all good stuff, and despite a few diversions into scaremongering (phrases like “evil hackers” crop up far too often) seems to be pretty sensible advice. We especially like the mythbusting section, which includes the advice: “There is no such thing as ‘the internet police’”. Who’s gonna tell ‘em?

(Image: from eek the cat’s Flickr stream)

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