Look ma, no wires

Oh, no this is very, very nice. With the coming of wireless USB, it's been theoretically possible to run a monitor from your PC without having to connect them together with a cable. But you still need to plug the monitor into the power, right?

Not any more! Japanese geniuses Fujitsu aren't known for their innovation in the PC field, but this is just a great idea. Their new 22-inch Wireless Display doesn't just get the image from the PC wirelessly - it gets its power wirelessly too, from special power points installed in desks and walls.

Now, that does mean you're probably not going to get one in your bedroom. But these could mean a lot more freedom - and a lot less clutter - in offices everywhere. And in the long run there's no reason why this couldn't be getting its power straight from your PC. And who knows, in ten years' time, straight from your brain...

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