Look! It’s the iPhone 5!

Just an idea, but wouldn’t it be really cool if your iPhone 4 could live up to it’s name and actually be a phone and make a phone call? Well, thanks to some nerdlingers at HandyFlash, that dream has become a virtual reality with their mock-up of the iPhone 5.

The clever photoshopped iPhone 5 looks so damn real, we truly believe that it exsists. But apart from making a successful phone call what can the new iPhone 5 do? First up is its brand new slinking design that’s thinner than a model at London’s fashion week. Gone are all buttons and instead the entire front is one multi-touch display. No more sluggish 3G internet, hello super-fast 4G. 10.3mp camera and a satisfying 64GBs of memory. AND there’s no more volume rocker, instead you simply swipe the left hand side to up or down the sounds. Nice. Oh, and why have a Retina display when you can have Retina PLUS – even MORE pixels per square cm for your money.

If you’re reading this Jobs, make it so.

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