London's 1000 most influential, according to the Evening Standard

WebTwitcher was flicking through the Evening Standard's "The 1000 - London's Most Influential People 2007" today and was surprised to see HRH Mark "I Facebooked your Mom" Zuckerberg in the New Media top 5. Agreed, he does command the largest geographical social network in the world (Facebook's London network tops all others). But can he really be counted as one of the top 5 new media influencers IN London?

Anyway, it's a fascinating read. The intro to the new media section highlights some interesting stats. 88% of households in the capital have broadband. Online advertising is up a massive 47% in the last year and 3 out of 4 11 year olds has a mobile phone. Impressive stuff. The top 5 in full for those curious are:

Nikesh Arora (39) - Google UK, European Vice President
Charles Dunstone (42) - Carphone Warehouse, Founder
Mark Zuckerberg (23 gah!) - Facebook, Founder
Lord Rothermere (39) - DMGT, Chairman (of Metro fame)
James Murdoch (34) - BSKYB, CEO (quote: "he's no slack daddy's boy...")

(Image: Esthr's Flickr stream)

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