London Web Summit highlights

A great panel on the exits in Europe was held by Lars Hinrichs (founder of XING) Max Niederhofer and Anil Hansjee (ex Google now an active VC) which covered the exit culture in Europe and how start ups were too quick to exit as a result of not having tech giants such as Google or Yahoo as buyers (an issue highlighted by Hansjee).

However budding tech start ups shouldn’t feel too down about the lack of tech giant support. The upside is that the UK has a healthy angel investment community with a wave of former tech entrepreneurs who are becoming venture capitalists and are encouraging companies not to sell too early.

Hinrichs had some interesting pearls of wisdom for start ups. What should they do? "Make products as simple as possible, strip down features and take smart money". He advised of treading carefully around the angel community however. "Too many people are calling themselves angels but have no prior success. There is way too much dumb money flying around,". Sage words from a very smart entrepreneur and investor.

Fast fact you may have not known: Google is still by far the most active company in the world when it comes to acquiring new technologies and businesses. They currently do around 50 deals a year although the majority of these are in the US.

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