London Web Summit gears up for unique industry event

The London Web Summit looks set to be the highlight of 2012 for the UK tech industry, with an attendee list now pushing towards 4 figures. Around 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and digital media insiders will share information and absorb the industry insights offered by over 60 speakers.

These include such new technology luminaries as Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype, Travis Kalanick the CEO of Uber, Nikesh Arora of Google and Demet Mulu, the founder and CEO of Trendyol.com.

During the Summit on March 19 at the Brewery in London, attendees will enjoy information saturation on their businesses and the latest technological innovations and trends. The London Web Summit will also offer an unprecedented opportunity for networking and learning from the experiences of like-minded tech professionals.

One of the most intriguing and topical sessions will look at the rapidly changing nature of news-gathering and reportage in the social media age. Mark Little, the founder and CEO of Storyful, will share his knowledge and insights about reporting from international troubles-spots like the Middle East and North Africa and the considerable influence of Youtube and Twitter.

There will also be considerable eagerness to hear the pronouncements of David Shing. David took up the role of AOL’s Digital Prophet in January 2011. If you want to find out what that job entails, well you probably have to hear it from the AOL Oracle himself.

Those who haven’t already booked their places for this unique event can take advantage of the early bird ticket offer until 6pm on March 15. And even if you really have to be in New York, LA or Rotherham during the Summit, you can follow all the events on Twitter, hashtag #LWS.

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