Wondering where to pick up a Sony Camcorder in London?

Sony Camcorders have always been at the very cutting edge of technology, delivering crisp picture and excellent sound. If you've decided to take the plunge and pick up a Sony Camcorder in London, then we've picked out the places you should be looking to hopefully pick up a bargain.

The first stop on your camcorder purchasing drive should be a quick gander at your London Gumtree page. This site is generally the first place you'll find bargains on the internet as you'll be buying from other people and not a store. Our tip for this is to meet up with the person who is selling so you can examine the product and ensure you aren't being sold something that is broken.

Our next suggestion is similar to our previous one, and it's to check out what camcorders are on sale on eBay in your locality. Again, it's possible to meet the seller if they live nearby, and you're almost guaranteed to find a bargain on there.

Online sites like Pixmania.com and Play.com are our next suggestion. Both these sites offer a huge range of electronics for sale, and often there are huge bargains to be had on older ranges.

Our final suggestion is to take to the London streets and try to find a bargain in a bricks and mortar store. They are usually more expensive, but sometimes you could find the odd bargain on the High Street.

Hopefully, these tips make your London camcorder hunt go a little smoother!

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