London Olympics logo: the good(?), the bad and...

UPDATE: The petition site launched in response to general dissatisfaction with the 2012 logo seems to have crashed under the weight of traffic. Nothing like riling the British public ;-D

...the downright ugly, as they say. So the London Olympics 2012 "brand" has launched. Here's the press release which includes the accompanying logo design, already one of the most talked about topics of the week and it's only Monday.

There is also an official blog, which you can add to your Excite MIX page if you want the latest from the team behind this colossal organisational effort.

And of the official logo? Webtwitcher has been scouting around to find a few reactions to the design, which was unveiled today.

A blogger from the excellent Londonist went along to the official launch and revealed that "the logo design (which comes in four colours - orange, blue, pink and a horrible green) by Wolff Olins cost £400,000 to develop and took a year of research."

Hmmm. That won't do much to placate the British public who appear to be outraged at the design, so it's a good job the team have now added as a precaution that the logo is "evolving". Get a snapshot of the uproar erupting online and take a look at the heated debate on Guardian Unlimited. The Telegraph readers haven't held back either and BBC readers also appear to be petitioning...

Never one to dwell on negativity, WebTwitcher wishes to point out that the offensive logo has at least brought out the best of British puns, wit, sarcasm and tomfoolery. Watch this space for a run down of the top 3 takes on the logo as they no doubt roll in. If you've "rebranded" the 2012 logo yourself, we want to see it. Don't hold back!


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