London gives Silicon Valley a run for its money

You're probably wondering where WebTwitcher's been for the last week or so. I don't call, I don't write...blah blah blah. OK, I get the hint.

London rocks. For anyone having any doubts about whether it's the new place to be for technology startups and established internet businesses alike, WebTwitcher can officially reveal that the UK's eclectic capital was throbbing last week with the web world's tech gurus, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and uber cool geek crowd (yes there is such a thing.)

So, here's a brief review of the week. It looks long, but believe me it's cutting an extremely long story very short.

Where did I go? BarCampLondon2 - two days geeked up to the max with the movers and shakers in the world of web development. Organised wonderfully by Natalie Downe, Ian Forrester and Jason Cartwright, the event took place at BT's HQ and saw some of the most innovative talent in the web world come together under one roof. If you're interested in finding out what was being talked about, there's a page of links to some of the best presentations here.

Then, straight on to the Future of Web Apps - two days of speeches from the web set's worldwide elite. TechCrunch's Mike Arrington (who also turned up to the London Girl Geek Dinner - more on that later), Kevin Rose, founder of Digg and the epitome of geek chic; Werner Vogels, Amazon's passionate CTO...the list just goes on and on and on...

WebTwitcher also met up for a drink with Anina - model, Nokia mobile guru and founder of 360° Fashion (in town for London Fashion Week). That is one smart lady, so watch this space for more from the queen of tech meets haute couture.

I also popped in to the London Girl Geek Dinner, which you should check out if you class yourself as one (Girl. Geek). Organised by Sarah Blow, it was the tenth event and attracted the likes of one Germany's most influential bloggers, Nicole Simon, of Cruel To Be Kind fame and the above mentioned Mike Arrington from TechCrunch.

Still need more convincing of London's hub as centre of geek chic?

To top it all off, WebTwitcher was lunching (ooooh, get me!!) next to Gwen Stefani while she was being interviewed by media moguls (experience thanks to the charming Sam Sethi, 'entrepologist' and editor of the fabulous blog about European tech startups, Vecosys). Blood pressure was already at an all time high, being somewhat of a No Doubt fan, when Vincent Cassel decided to show up in my hotel bar in extremely high spirits with a group of pals.

Ok, ok...not exactly to do with geek shenanigans, I admit, but hey, they were there nonetheless ;-D

Is London giving Silicon Valley a run for its money? From what WebTwitcher observed in the past week or so, it's a resounding yes. And some. And if you don't believe WebTwitcher (tut tut), believe Venture Capitalist Saul Klein, quoted in Wired.com.


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