London bar targets the chic geek web set

Ever wondered where the uber chic geek crowd hangs out? As of this month, one UK venue sure to attract the WebJetSet will be TwentyFour:London, promoting itself as the most high-tech venue in town.

It boasts "state of the art lighting and bar technology" and the club is set up as a blank canvas that guests can decorate as they like with the projections.

WebTwitcher's particular favourite - the touch sensitive bar. When you put your drink down, it sends out light beams from underneath, or if you place your hand on the bar, the light sends out a telepathic message: "Barman, this lady is in need of a beverage". Well, not telepathically exactly, via the light beams emitted from the bar's surface.

The 400 capacity bar is built around the theme of interactivity and WebTwitcher will be rocking up to test the...um, LEDs? (read: cocktails)...soon.

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