LOLz at Rupert's expense

Here at Digitaledge we don't approve of hacking, right?

But if we were going to approve of a hacking, this would probably be the hacking we'd approve of.

Internet pranksters LulzSec, famous for hacking Sony and Nintendo earlier this year, turned their ire towards current public enemy number one Rupert Murdoch this week. Folks visiting The Sun's website on Monday night found themselves redirected to a fake site, containing a fake story - that Rupert Murdoch had been found dead.

It shouldn't have fooled anyone - the headline had a grammar mistake in it - but it forced News International to shut down both the real Sun website and The Times' website to prevent further attacks. The group also claims to have stolen the user details of Sun subscribers.

This is all slightly odd, because officially LulzSec have disbanded. But the group claimed responsibility for the attack over their Twitter account. Unless the hackers have themselves been hacked while trying to hack the hackers.....?!

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