League of Legends: LoL cheats and tips | secret champions, extra money and more

League of Legends is the sort of multiplayer online battle arena video game that you can easily find yourself falling behind on and therefore falling out of love with. It’s a free-to-play game so where you would preserve if you had invested your hard earned money, you might just give up without the following LoL cheats and tips.

Secret items

There is a secret tab in the shop under the title “consumables”. If you pick either Elixirs or Wards, you’ll be able to get passed whatever’s holding you up in the game. Elixirs make you supercharged so you can run around without costing yourself anything. There are three types: red, blue and green and you can collect them all. Wards allow you to see what the enemy’s building. If you know what they’re up to, you’ll be able to counter it.

Secret champions

Aside from DPS and nuker classes, there are secret classes in the game. Eagle-eyed gamers may have noticed that between Akali and Annie on the champion screen there are two figures called Alistar and Amumu. They’re extremely difficult to kill, so you’re pretty much guaranteeing victory for your team by selecting them. There’s another secret champion in the game. To the left of Teemo, you’ll see Taric. He has the ability to make every champion near him invisible.

More LoL cheats

When you’re in the shop, look between the magic and attack tabs and you’ll see a “health” tab. As you’d expect from the name, you’ll get additional strength from this. Here there are 4 separate tabs: banshee's veil, mercury's treads, thornmail and Randuin's Omen.

Other stuff to discover

There are more hidden items and additional LoL cheats in other parts of the game. Hidden within the game there are other cheats like “give your allies items” and “exactly the same as other items”. These aren’t as good as those we’ve discussed, but you’ll have fun discovering them for yourself.

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