Everyones needs a Logitech docking station, there just great!

The Logitech docking station that we are talking about is really top notch. It has been review very highly across the board online so we feel that it is well worth a look.

The Logitech Audio Station is the perfect dock for casual mp3 playback. Whether it's for your bedroom or the sitting room it has the perfect balance between not too loud and not too quiet.

While there is no sub woofer the Audio Station does manage to pump out some pretty good low end. Again these are meant as house speakers, not so much for blasting out at parties.

It's not just the low end that's good though, the mid and treble combine beautifully to give crystal clear audio playback. In fact, these are actually a lot better than most iPod docking systems, they cost a lot less than most too!

The system can be controlled by the remote control or the touch screen on the front panel. As per most docks the remote doesn't actually let you navigate your iPod, more or less just meant for track skipping and volume.

You can also play video from your iPod and use the video out inputs that are on the back. This enables you to play video through a television or monitor.

You also get a clock and an am.fm tuner with this so you really get a great package in total.

If you are looking for a great docking system for your house then Logitech have made a great one! Check out the Audio Station from Logitech, you won't be disappointed.


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