Live black rhino birth an instant online hit

Looking for an instant hit with the web world? Look no further than filming animals giving birth. Following the success of the pigcam last year, WebTwitcher hears that Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon, has hit somewhat of an online jackpot with its Rhinocam.

Ten staff and a budding film crew equipped with webcam streamed live pictures of a 16-year-old rhino, first name Sita, giving birth to a baby girl last night.

Those keen to see what happens to the little black rhino won't be disappointed. For at least the next two weeks the webcam will be recording the thick skinned internet star's ongoing development. BBC producer and rhinocam coordinator Andrew Brown was quoted in the Telegraph: "Our film of the birth of a black rhino is a world first. Since we began filming the rhino enclosure nearly two months ago the website has received more than 400,000 visits."

WebTwitcher thinks secretly recording the daily shenanigans of her dog is not sounding like such a bad idea after all. And I need proof of who keeps snuffling my chocolate biscuits.

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