Lion fiasco

Oh dear. Apple made headlines this week by launching its new OS, Lion, only through its Mac App Store - the first such major software release not to be available on a disc. It's a major step in Apple's push to get all software purchases happening through the Mac App Store. So it's unfortunate that it seems to have gone totally wrong.

Several customers who bought Mac OS X Lion through the App Store, and paid using PayPal, have been hit with multiple charges, CNET reports. One was charged 122 times for the software, giving him a final bill of $3,878.

That's the worst case, but other users have been charged multiple times. And although refunds are being given, PayPal refunds only credit your PayPal account - you have to withdraw the money, and pay a fee, to get it back into your bank.

Who's to blame? Slightly predictably, Apple are blaming PayPal - and PayPal are blaming Apple. Apple say it's all down to PayPal's systems being unable to handle the sheer volume of demand for Lion, saying in an email to a customer: 'As you can imagine, with the launch of the new OS X Lion, our system has experienced a higher than normal volume of traffic. This has caused some irregularities within the Mac App Store, including with our automated billing system. Please know that Apple is aware of the issue and is currently working towards a resolution.'

Not really that reassuring if you're down four grand, but we suppose it's good to know the matter's in hand...

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