Buy the Linx digital photo frame online

The Linx digital photo frame is the perfect way to display your photos in the home. Instead of just having one photo displayed you can cycle through a huge number of photos. They have become hugely popular and they are now pretty cheap to buy.

Linx Ality 8 inch Digital Photo Frame: The first of the photo fames that we are looking at from Linx is the Ality 8 inch. As you probably guessed, it has an 8 inch screen that displays high resolution pictures beautifully. This is the perfect way to display images from your digital cameras or idevices.

Of course it can be programmed to cycle the photos at different times. It even has an alarm clock so if you have one in your bedroom you can cut out the need for an alarm clock. This frame is available for only £55.99 from the play.com website.

Linx 10.2" Digital Photo Frame: The next digital photo frame we are looking at is slightly larger at 10.2 inches. This is like the bigger brother of the Ality in both size and features.

This beautiful hi res screen displays pictures crisply and with vibrant colour. It even has speakers built in so you can attach your MP3 player or idevice. It will even play MP4 on the screen so you can watch your holiday videos right on your photo frame. Last but not least it even has a card reader so you can just hook up an SD and check out your pics!

While it's the big brother in size and features this also counts for the price. It is quite a bit more expensive at £131 on the d2-toys-games-bikes-playhouses.co.uk website.

The Linx digital photo frame, whether it's big or small is the perfect replacement for your old photo frames.

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