Linux advantages over Windows

There are pros and cons to everything but most of us don’t consider whether there’s anything out there that’s better than Windows. There are loads of Linux advantages over Windows so perhaps this is an operating system you should find out more about.
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Price and ease of use

The majority of Linux variants are available free of charge. If not, they’re a lot less expensive than Microsoft Windows. The other obvious advantage with Linux is how easy it is to use. The only issue with the system’s usability is that most of us are used to Windows so we know how to navigate it and how to sort it out when it’s failing.


The majority of Linux versions are very reliable. They can often run for months, or even years, without needing to be rebooted. That’s not the case with Windows which needs frequent reboots and lots of software patches to keep it going.


This is an area where Microsoft Windows wins hands down. The large quantity of available programs and games for Windows is reflective of the high user demand. With Linux having less users, there’s less demand therefore less availability. The advantage Linux has though is that a lot of its software is available free of charge. Freeware and open source software are commonplace with this operating system. That contrasts dramatically with Windows, where most programs have a cost attached.

Hardware and security

It probably goes without saying that there’s not as much hardware support for Linux as there is for Windows. Almost all hardware providers will support Windows, while that’s not the case with Linux. Linux is however a very secure operating system. It’s not attacked as much as Windows so it’s more secure. Microsoft have made great improvements over the years but users still have to be aware that the system’s vulnerable to viruses. If you're interested in installing Linux, click here for advice on how it's done.

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