Lingerie uncovered, of knickers, bras and blogs

The web world simmers with sites and blogs dedicated to the art form that is lingerie. Kate Moss is currently leading the online knicker revolution in a sultry advertising campaign for top UK lingerie designer Agent Provocateur. It's a clever series of four short films entitled Dreams of Miss X, the first of which is now live, the next appears on 1st November.

WebTwitcher is sure this campaign will be a popular winner with web users...

The blog world is certainly not lacking a voice from the underwear department either. A quick twitch reveals two of the top blogs if you're keen to keep an eye on changing bra fashions. The excellent Knickers Blog is definitely a highlight, and the RSS feed from Lingerie Gals should not be missing from your MIX page if you're looking for lighthearted chit chat about everything related to frilly pants.


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