Like hot cakes

We know already that the iPad is going to be a monstrous, murder-everyone-and-leave-the-scene-joking-with-police success, dominating all the tech headlines and sweeping everyone away in a tidal wave of hype and big-spectacled frothing. Which no doubt it deserves to do, given that it looks quite nice and all. Early sales are quite good too, although only selling one every second will no doubt upset Steve Jobs so much he will have to sacrifice at least one staff member at Apple’s HQ, Castle Greyskull, dangling them over the precipice as a reminder to others that no-one is safe until everyone in the world has one.

What was that? Um, anyway, we know this (the iPad’s pre-order figures, not Jobs’ alleged liking for dropping workers off the edge of high buildings) because the clever bods at Investor Village have worked it out for us. How did they do that? Well, based on 99 sample orders, they took the daily average of orders away from Friday’s orders and multiplied it by the number of iPads bought by each customer, or: (124,596-16,500)x1.11=119,987.

That works out over 24 hours at a pretty ridiculous 1.38 iPads sold every second, which given that only USA residents can order at the moment, means lots and lots of lovely money for Apple. But will Jobs’ bloodlust be sated? Only time will tell.

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