Like hot cakes

Wow. We knew Microsoft's new Kinect doohickey for XBox 360 was selling well, but we didn't know how well - until now.

It turns out that the Windows folks have sold a whopping 10 million Kinects and an additional 10 million Kinect games. (That's not including the one that comes with it, Kinectimals.)

And in the first 60 days alone, Microsoft sold 8 million Kinects. That means, according to the folks at Guinness World Records, that it's the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time.

Of course, ten million Kinects at £70-odd isn't as big news as Apple's millions of £500 iPads, but nevertheless this is pretty huge news for the often-criticised Microsoft. And just think how many more Kinects will be sold once it's made available for Windows PCs?

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