Like Apples and Oranges

If, like Marvin Gaye, you pay much attention to what's going on the grapevine, then you might have heard this little piece of gossip; Orange and Apple sitting in a tree, selling pricey but delicious Macbooks on monthly contracts, complete with internet dongle for browsing on the go, like the gad about town that you are.

Punters will be able to take out a two-year monthly contract, which will tie them to Orange and will allow them to buy a swizzy Macbook, which aren't cheap (prices start at £719) for a much more manageable amount. How much that will be exactly isn't known at the moment, but they already sell the ASUS 901 Eee PC and the Compaq Mini 700 for £24 a month, so expect it to be over £30 at least.

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