LG's G-Slate appears on YouTube

The competition for the position of top tablet is hotting up, and while it’s not long until the iPad 2 starts tech hearts a-fluttering, there are plenty of other devices out there that will be pushing it all the way. We’ve already seen that Google have made a massive step forward with their Android Honeycomb OS, and it looks as though plenty of new devices will be adopting it in an attempt to kick Jobs’ lot off their perch.

The latest device to do so is LG’s G-Slate (AKA Optimus Pad outside the USA), which will be packing some seriously impressive technology: not only will it have a 3D camera and the capability to watch 3D footage, you will also be able record 1080p HD footage with it. As you can see from the footage below it also has lots of possibilities for connecting to other networks, including HDMI, micro USB and docking station ports, while sound will come to you in glorious stereo. Check it out.

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