LG show off transparent TV

We can remember when we were growing up, way back in the 1980s that there were still some tellies in circulation which had actual dials on them, and which you had to fiddle around for ages with to even get reception. Either it was with the aerial itself or with the dials, which would sometimes need recalibrating. It was a bloody great pain in the backside, truth be told, so just as well we’re now all tooled up with HD tellies, burning the planet’s precious energy resources as we go.

Take a look at this bad boy, for instance: it’s been made by LG, and has been designed principally for digital advertising signs, and packs some serious technology, including IPS technology, 1080p resolution, multitouch and transparency. It’s pretty mad to see technology this advanced. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have one of these in our living rooms. We can but dream, right?

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