Introducing a levitating computer mouse

If your fingers are weary from typing on the computer, there’s a new gadget in the works that might provide relief. Vadim Kibardin, a renowned Russian designer and winner of the 2012 'Design and Design Award' is working on a levitating computer mouse. When used, the Bat as it is called, will take the pressure off your wrists from using the computer for long periods of time.

How it works

People who work for hours on end in front of the computer are apparently at risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition of the hand characterized by tingling, prickling and numbness. There are opposing views on this with people who work at assembly lines and those handling vibrating machines at higher risk of contracting the syndrome than those with data entry jobs. Nonetheless, stress on the hand from a constant position while computing can be damaging and tiring. Hence, the levitating computer mouse is a solution.

  • The concept

Vadim of Kibardin Designs is designing a levitating computer mouse that will use magnetic rings to keep it afloat. It will hover just 10 mm beneath your hand while working and at 40mm when at rest. When it goes into production, the set will include a magnetic pad and wireless mouse. It will be released in two colours: black and white.

  • Release date

Prague-based Kibardin Designs are not saying much when the Bat will be available in the market. However, its managing director Julia Kibardina, said in an email exchange with Huffington Post, "The BAT mouse project is in the first stage of pre-production. We're researching the market, customers' interest and improving the engineering part. We're also preparing a presentation for media. As soon as we are ready, we will give you all the information about this project."

Is there a market?

Sure, the idea of a levitating computer mouse is fantastic taking off loads of pressure on the wrists when working on computers. It will be interesting to see how this gadget can even improve computing experience without the unwanted pain and tiredness on the wrists. On the other hand, every new device introduced to the market always has hiccups so we're not sure how this will go in addition to prices which are not yet defined.

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