Let's shut down Farmville

Bored? Fancy a laugh? Why don't you nip over to www.opera.com?

You might think the homepage of a geek-beloved Norwegian browser company wouldn't be the most fun read. But today Opera's website is looking a bit... special.

To be precise, it seems to have been taken over by the email inbox of co-founder Jon von Tetzchner. The inbox is clickable, meaning you can read through your choice of about 20 'new' emails.

It's all to celebrate Opera having registered its 150 millionth user. In one of the emails, developer Nils Brostrom debates with 'Jon' what the firm should do with its 150 million users.

'A wish from the depth of my heart,' says Nils: 'There is a group on Facebook stating that 'If 100 million people join this group, we will buy FarmVille and shut it down'. They only need 99 999 997 more members. We have 150 million users, so we could easily do it! Can we, can we!!!???'

Have a browse around while it's all still there - it's a great introduction to the strange world of Scandinavian nerd humour...

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