Lessons learned

Well, well. At last, it seems the big Asian PC manufacturers are learning the lessons of Apple's success. After Steve Jobs launched the iPad 2 a few weeks ago, we told you that Samsung admitted it made their new tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, look 'inadequate' - especially as it's so thin. We wondered whether a hasty redesign was on the cards. But then a few days later, a Samsung spokestype said that, no, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be out according to schedule, which we took to mean no redesign.

Well, it looks like we were half right. The original design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be released, it seems, later this Spring as planned. But Samsung is also bringing out another, thinner 10-inch tablet to compete with the slender iPad 2. It's called, er, the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Yes, we're confused too. Especially since, apart from a lower-resolution camera, the new Tab 10.1 has a very similar spec to the 'old' (not yet released!) Tab 10.1. Which makes us think it's really not very likely Samsung will actually release both of these. Either way, if nothing else, this shows manufacturers are finally beginning to realise that in the tablet market, design is going to matter more than specifications. And that's good news for users.

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