Leopard released 26 October (relax, it’s software)

The latest version of Apple’s OS X operating system – branded “Leopard” – will be available on 26 October, the manufacturer has announced. The sixth version of the Unix-based software was originally scheduled for release in June this year, but was delayed as Apple reassigned engineers to work on the iPhone launch.

This means that we have more justification than usual for calling it “eagerly awaited”, especially since it’s got a clever bit of kit called Boot Camp included that lets you run Windows (and therefore Windows software).

But the big question is whether Apple is running out of cats. Previous versions have been called, more or less publicly, “Cheetah”, “Puma”, “Jaguar”, “Panther” and “Tiger”, and Apple has registered “Lynx” and “Cougar” as trademarks. All can be given a pretty positive spin by a clued-up marketing department, but let’s see how they get on when they’re trying to sell “Civet” and “Oriental Longhair” a few years down the line…

(Image: from Matt McGee’s Flickr stream)

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