Lenovo: anything Sony can do, we can do better

Honestly, you wait for ages then they all come at once. Just this morning we told you Sony had joined the roster of companies manufacturing tablet PCs running Google's Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' tablet operating system. Now another of the world's biggest tech companies, Lenovo, has joined in.

Lenovo is a Chinese company which shocked the world a few years back when it bought the whole of IBM's PC business. (IBM, you know, invented the PC.) It makes some of the world's best laptops, so its first entry into the tablet race is cause for some excitement.

Not that anything's official yet. Hints of a new Android tablet have been found in an internal Lenovo PowerPoint presentation that's leaked and been picked up by the bloggy types at This Is My Next.

For the most part, it looks like standard stuff, with a now-ubiquitous Tegra 2 processor doing the grunt work. Still, Lenovo build quality will be a big step up for the market by itself, and as CNET points out:

'The tablet does deviate from its brethren somewhat, but you’ll have to spend a little more to see the differences. Optional choices include a stylus pen for “sketching and note-taking,” as well as a docking bay with keyboard attachment, which essentially turns the tablet into a laptop.'

These converting tablets are all the rage for some reason.

What do you think? We reckon the thought of another manufacturer churning out tablets can only be good for competition, but something more innovative would have been nice...

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