LEGO-ing to be great

We’re sure we’ve made it abundantly clear over the enormous number of times that we’ve been covering the LEGO games, but we’re going to say it again anyway – we love the LEGO games, they are ace. What they do, see, is take your favourite stories and condense them down into LEGO form, making them all cute and that, but somehow conveying the story without ever using dialogue. Genius.

The latest edition in the franchise is LEGO Harry Potter: Year’s 1-4, in which you blast through four films in the series, solving puzzles and larking about in a vaguely LEGO-y way. Luckily for you, we have stumbled upon a nice video which explains to you how they’ve constructed a game from the plot, and it what way each character is uniquely useful in the game. It looks pretty damn good, it has to be said.

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