Lego Universe beta test launched

We’ve gone on a bit before about the Lego series of games, which fill us full of childish glee and daftness. Very little is more fun than charging around the place as a Lego Luke Skywalker turning Storm Troopers into little pieces with your dinky little light sabre. Oooh, isn’t that the cutest?

Yes. So if anything is going to make us want to play an online MMO it’s the upcoming Lego Universe, which plans to take our innate geekiness and drag it into the World Of Warcraft style life-involving role playing game and make it all sweet and lego-y. We still don’t know much about the game itself beyond what we’ve seen in the trailer below other than it’s not basing itself on the levelling up system that many games of a similar stripe do. However when the lovely Lego people are involved, you know it’s going to be good. So why not stick yourself up for the beta test by following this link here. Do it.

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