Left4Dead 2 demo announced

Electronic Arts held a press conference at their showcase in Tokyo early this morning, and during it we heard some cool news about the sequel to everyone’s nightmare-inducing zombie survival shooter Left4Dead. Developer Valve will be releasing a demo for Left4Dead 2 on 27 October, which is jolly spiffing news.

Now as yet we don’t have official confirmation of what platforms will be getting first dibs for this tasty looking taster, but it’s almost certainly going to be Xbox 360 and PC who do.

So what will the demo contain? According to gaming site Joystiq, multiplayer will be included, although to what degree no-one is sure, but what is almost certain is the use of some of the 10 new melee weapons, giving you all a nice taster of the undead smashing mayhem that it sure to come with the game’s release on 17 November. We’re all excited.

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