Leaving Facebook – the odyssey

Joining Facebook is easy and fast – in fact we’re pretty sure that one of the keys to its success is the signup process that searches your email address book to see if your friends are already members. But an increasing number of people are becoming annoyed with how difficult it is to delete your account permanently, rather than just “deactivating” it.

Blogger Steven Mansour has posted an impassioned – OK, furious – account of his attempts to get his data deleted, as a guide for other sufferers: “It was a long, arduous road – the hardest part was slaying the Gorgon on level 16 – and I'm glad it's finally over.”

Facebook’s not alone in making it difficult to leave – after all, for lots of businesses their number of “registered users” is what sells advertising and even raises new investment.

But Facebook users have made use of the site’s special characteristics in their own way – by setting up a group telling other people how to leave…

(Image: from b_d_solis’s flickr stream)

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