Learning about the useful USB printer cable

Today, most office-use and personal printers come with a USB port and a USB printer cable to allow it to connect to your computer. Before, you had to visit you local computer accessories store and buy a USB card together with the cable. And, the printer itself, more often than not, would come without a USB port.

USB Technology

Since the mid 1990s, USB technology has revolutionised the way we connect peripheral devices to computers and to power sources. It was developed by Microsoft, Compaq and a host of other IT and electronics companies with the aim of making an easier way for connecting devices to a PC. Since its release, the USB cable has been improved to enhance the speed at which it transfers data. Check out the stores below to get yours:

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Connecting Your Printer to Your PC

Traditionally, computers and printers were connected through a parallel port. Apart from their slow transfer speeds, these ports were problematic because of the connection points. Anyone who has connected a device that ends in a parallel connection will tell you about the ease with which the little pins break. The most common way of connecting computers to printers in offices is through the computer network. The printer is assigned an IP address through which the PCs identify and send jobs to it. But, for home use, this would be too cumbersome to configure. A USB cable is more apt.

Connecting Other Devices

Not only does the USB printer cable serve to connect your PC to the printer with a high-speed serial connection, it can be used to connect other devices such as cameras and external hard disks. A USB printer cable is therefore much more than a printer cable, it is a very handy tool.

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