Lean Back and enjoy some YouTube

Yay, YouTube! The site has changed our lives since it debuted a little over five years ago, with our workday - and our evenings - increasingly dominated by watching kids high on anesthetic, cool OKGo videos, precocious young boys singing Lady Gaga songs and the like.

But why would you want to watch such things at your desk or slumped over your laptop, when you could watch them on the big screen? Enter YouTube Leanback. If you've got a PC lined up to your TV or a large monitor, the new version gives you an easy-to-navigate, auto-playing YouTube experience. You control it by using the arrow keys, perfect if you've got a bluetooth keyboard.

The site is based on your YouTube subscriptions, so get adding your favourite channels to your account. It can also suck in videos your friends put on Facebook. So set up, fire up your big screen, sit back, and surf to youtube.com/leanback for some relaxed amateur video action.

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