Leader of the PAC

So, you've realised you're overpaying for your mobile (see previous story), and you want to change mobile network. Excellent! But what a hassle, right? You have to give notice, and then you have to wait for the PAC code, and then once you've got that it can take days to change your number over and in the meantime you've got a temporary number, ew.

Well, not any more. A ruling last year by telecoms regulator Ofcom has just come into effect which means that PAC codes can now be issued within two hours. It should then take no more than a day to transfer you to the new network.

Hopefully this'll get people moving around more in search of better deals, and in the process, encouraging networks to bring down prices. So what are you waiting for - check out all the tariffs at the various networks and work out if you could save a few quid.

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