Le Web 3 in a nutshell, whats it all about

I guess you want to know what Le Web 3 looked like? Check out the myriad of photos on Flickr for a taster of what a tech conference looks like. You may be surprised - it's not all long beards these days y'know.

...and for those who want to know what was discussed, here's WebTwitcher's "Reduced Le Web 3" in a nutshell (AKA getting 70 speakers content into a couple of paragraphs):

The Euro Blogsphere? Growing, but the UK lags behind somewhat. Ipsos MORI gave an interesting presentation. Apparently 1 in 3 French web users keeps a blog but we Brits are something of a Euro anomaly. We trust the media less than our European counterparts, but spend more online. We lag behind in usage and trust of blogs too. See the results on the Ipsos website if you want to find out how the UK fares against it's European neighbours in the blogsphere.

Is old media dead? No, there's room for everyone. After discussion aplenty, the conclusion seemed to settle that there will be a reshuffle of the way we receive and digest news / content, with new media taking an increasingly larger slice of the pie in the near future. Good news for Excite MIX users - the more RSS feeds available the better!

Will there be a web 2.0 bubble? (aka second dot com boom and bust) Yes or no, depending on who you choose to believe.

What's in store for us? A growth in social networking communities like MySpace and Bebo. More Video Blogs (vlogs) and podcasts - we had a demo from Bonjour America as an example. Hilarious video podcast by vivacious Frenchman VinVin, dealing with topics like "Are the French Dirty?". Get the RSS feed for his show below if you want to put it on your MIX!

Mobile usage? We can't get enough of our mobile phones! Watch out for a host of cool new stuff to do with them. Think interactive TV, internet usage and multiple conversations with more than one person. Basically everything you want to do online, on your phone.

Shimon Peres has also suggested a movement for bloggers to help contribute in world developments. So far the name Bloggers for a Better World (B4BW) has been suggested and domain name registered, so watch this space for more news on that.


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