Are you looking for a new lcd television?

Liquid Crystal Display televisions, more commonly known as lcd televisions use LCD technology in order to produce images. They are thinner, lighter and much smarter than the original box shaped television. It was only in 2007, that demand for lcd television sets increased. These slim line televisions have endless advantages:


  • Up to 160 degrees viewing angle which means that a perfect picture can be seen from nearly anywhere in the room.
  • The picture is colourful, smooth and wide which increases your viewing pleasure immensely.
  • When linked with a HD receiver, gives way to a whole new viewing experience again.
  • The size of an LCD TV is relatively greater than the traditional television. Screens which are 52 inch in size are commonly found in all good stockists for a little over £300.

There are many different brands to consider before purchasing your new television. The best lcd television on the market is the Samsung UN46C7000 which is a 46 inch 1080P Backlit LCD television. This is also a 3D and full HD television which makes it the best on the market. This television can be purchased online at shopzilla.co.uk for only £319.

There are many retail outlets where lcd televisions can be purchased. Argos, Tesco and Dixon's all sell them and are often inexpensive compared to some of the other high street stores. For more information or to purchase your new LCD TV, you can check out some of the following websites.




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