Wondering which LCD Television to buy?

Buying a new LCD Television? A few short years ago this purchase would have cost you a small fortune! Thankfully, things are quite different now, it's perfectly possible to pick up a brilliant LCD Television for a bargain price.

If you're starting on the hunt, then it's worth approaching it with a slight bit of caution. Such is the range of TVs out there, that you're just as likely to pick up a dud as a gem. There's less chance of this happening if you arm yourself with a smidgen of information. We're here to help! Here are a few terms to look out for when shopping for a new LCD Television:

Wall Brackets - If you're planning on hanging the tv on a wall, make sure it comes with the right connections at the back. It should say on the box whether or not the tv is hangable. A surprising amount of sets aren't!

HDMI connection - HDMI is fast becoming the standard connection for high-definition picture and sound. It's simply the best way to connect a video game console or Blu-Ray player to your television. Some sets don't have this connection, so make sure and check the box.

1080p - This is the highest standard of high definition picture. A large amount of sets aren't capable of going up this high though. If the TV set you're looking at advertises that it can display up to 1080i, it's worth noting this isn't the highest setting possible.

Hopefully these steps will help you find the best possible LCD Television for your money!



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