The very best lcd television

So you are looking for a new LCD television? Well, if you have got the cash then why not got completely nuts. We're thinking huge screen size, LCD display, LED technology and 3D capabilities all in one machine.

There are many LCD television manufacturers out yonder, but Samsung prove that they are top notch. They always have amazing televisions and the picture quality is second to none. High definition at it's finest.

So, with so many Samsung LCDs to choose from which one should you go for? Well, since we're going a little crazy then the Samsung UN55C7000WF is the perfect television for you.

The Samsung UN55C7000WF is a 55 inch monster that can do just about everything. The LED technology brings compelling colour and contrast. Put this through an incredible LCD screen and you have visuals, depth, sharpness and colour like you have never seen before.

The 3D works perfectly with this television and is excellent but some people may feel a little queasy after too much time in front of it. This really does depend on the person though.

The resolution is 1080p, true HD and it runs everything at 240 Hz making image motion smooth and pretty much flawless. The television has inputs for just about everything so you should have no problems hooking up your home cinema.

This is the best of the best that money can buy so if you have the cash, it's time to splash out on this amazing television.

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