All About The 19" Memory View LCD Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are a fantastic way to share your images with the world.  Some frames are small enough to carry around with you, while others take pride of place on your living room wall.  While expensive, digital photo frames offer an all in one package that looks stylish, but how do you know which one is for you?

The 19" Memory View LCD photo frame is one of the most expensive frames on the market.  Costing upwards of £200, the Memory View is one of the largest frames available and can be purchased either with a floor stand or a wall mount.

With a screen ratio of 4:3, the Memory View 19" offers a resolution of 1280x960 and a contrast ratio of 500:1.  Capable of playing movies and music as well as images, this frame can support BMP, JPG, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV and WMA filetypes.  Compared to other frames, this gives you more freedom to choose which media you want to connect.

While this frame comes with an in-built internal memory of 128MB, it is also able to connect to a computer via USB cable and supports XD, SD, MS, MMC, CFC memory cards.  Other functions include slideshow playback, a remote control for easy use and an auto on and off option, ideal for saving electricity when the room is empty.

The Memory View is powered through the mains, so there is no need for batteries.  The frame is supplied with a 220/240V Adaptor, meaning you can just plug it in and never worry about how much life it has left.

Digital frames are a reasonably new technology and because of this, price can be a factor.  The Memory View is very expensive and even though the frame is amongst the largest available, it can still feel a little small next to other electronics such as televisions.  That said, if you are looking for a way to make your pictures stand out in any room, then the Memory View is certainly a frame you should consider.

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