Lawyer sues Facebook for $40million

A disbarred anti-‘violent’ video game lawyer is suing Facebook for $40,000,000 after groups on the site appeared which offered $50 for smacking him in the face, or clumping him one with an old Atari 2600 console that caused ‘great emotional distress’. The big wimp.

Jack Thompson (who was disbarred by the Supreme Court of Florida for submitting false evidence and obstruction in 2008) has annoyed American games fans in the past by referring to the Grand theft Auto series as a ‘murder simulator’, claiming that without video games, a triple-murder nutjob called Devin Moore would never have killed anyone. In the past Thompson has had his life threatened, with one teenager being jailed for calling his home and saying that he was going to kill and castrate him.

‘This conduct by Facebook constitutes a willful and wanton disregard of the rights and safety of plaintiff and warrants an award of punitive damages against Facebook,’ said Thompson’s suit against the social networking site. However, it turns out that there is almost no way that Facebook can be made liable for the actions of individuals who use the site.

‘This suit is without merit and we will fight it vigorously, a Facebook spokesman said. ‘Additionally, it is our practice to remove content that threatens an individual when it is brought to our attention.

‘It doesn't matter if Facebook receives notice of a problem and fails to act, or if Facebook has acted in similar situations and hasn't acted here,’ said Eric Goldman, an associate professor at Santa Clara University School of Law. ‘Regardless of any of these facts, (the Telecom Act) says that Facebook categorically isn't liable.’

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