Laughing at celebrity - GTA style

We’re kind of running out of things to say about The Ballad Of Gay Tony, other than ‘look at how much fun it’s going to be, oh and by the way here’s a trailer’. Seeing as that’s going to be the gist of this post as well, you’re going to have to lump it.

Mind you, this particular trailer is very funny indeed, especially if you like seeing ‘celebrities’ being hammered by arch spoofsters. It’s a preview broadcast from Fizz TV, which shows you the lifestyle of Liberty City’s young, rich and stupid, and also gives you a hint at a mini-game (chucking out rowdy patrons, or extracting bribes from those who want to stay).

The episode is released on 29 October alongside the previous Liberty City Installment, The Lost and The Damned. You can download them both or buy them on disc, up to you, homes.

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