Last.fm overhauled

If you know even a little about music streaming on the internet then you’ll know what a glorious tool Last.fm is. Last.fm has revolutionised the way we listen to music by allowing users to recommend other tracks that would suit their taste. Wihtout it, free major players like Spotify would probably never have existed.

But as Spotify and its peers grow (due to music lovers wanting a more bespoke on-demand service) Last.fm has decided to overhaul its recommendation model and instead position itself as ‘the definitive online home of your music taste’. So whereas before, playing a song on Last.fm would be the catalyst to playing similar songs from the catalogue, users will now be pointed towards Spotify if they wish to listen.

If you aren't familiar with Last.fm then you really should be, it's arguably the best place on the web or otherwise to increase your musical education.

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