Last chance

We’ve been following updates on the only two football franchises that better for a while now, and it’s clear that former daddy Pro Evolution Soccer needs to pull its finger out of its backside if it wants to reclaim the crown that FIFA has snatched from its head. Which means that Konami are on the warpath trying to impress the inventors of football with all kinds of new doo-dahs and whatsits.

As you can see from the ever so slightly frustrating video below, this time round they’ve re-jigged the passing system and made the tricks more fluid (in fact they look almost too easy to do in we’re honest) and have overhauled the management system. However, we’ve not been given any in-depth stuff, and however cool the ‘design your own stadium’ thing is, it won’t compensate for shoddy last generation gameplay. So make sure you bring it hard, Konami.

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